‘TalentUp Africa is a hybrid between an education provider and a recruitment firm.

We work to make a business case of Africa’s biggest assets: its talent.’


About TalentUp Africa:

Accelerating Recruitment Through a Tech-enabled Solution  

TalentUp Africa’s mission is two-fold: both to empower youth in Africa through industry tailored contact and online courses and to bring clarity to recruitment processes through using course certificates and grades as recruitment tools.

We work to:

  •   Educate Africa’s next generation of leaders.
  •   Provide online distant education that prepares job-seeking candidates in Africa with the skills they need to find employment.
  •   Provide digitalized, objective, and time-efficient recruitment services to local and international clients in Africa.

TalentUp Africa believes in the power of being profit-steered yet mission-driven.

Our Services


TalentUp Africa works with the goal to empower youth in Africa with the depth and breath of knowledge needed to find employment.

Our services include:


The TalentUp Africa App enables users to generate a downloadable standardized resume, search among and enroll in online courses and take, browse among and apply to open positions as well as obtain information about upcoming company-sponsored information sessions.


TalentUp Africa Academy educates Africa’s future leaders.


TalentUp Africa offers online courses, where content is matched with skills needed to employments.

The Talentup Africa App

Check out some of TalentUp Africa app's awesome features  

Professional CV

Use our intuitive mobile template to build and download your professional CV in five simple steps

Online Courses

Browse between and enroll in online courses tailored to match companies’ recruitment needs.

Jobs Board

Real-time job vacancy updates from leading companies


Events Info

Regular updates on company info-sessions and other events happening on your campus


Take quizzes to enhance your candidacy for open positions through showing your competences and capabilities.

The TalentUp Africa App Screenshots


TalentUp Africa Leadership Academy

Are you dreaming to become one of Africa’s future leader?

Are you currently a 1st or 2nd year university student?

If, then apply to the TalentUp Africa Leadership Academy program.

TalentUp Africa Courses

TalentUp Africa Courses


Enroll in TalentUp Africa’s online courses, kick-start your career, and take quizzes based on these courses to show hiring companies that you are the right and most competent employee for them.

TalentUp Africa provides you with the knowledge you need to become employable, help you express your capabilities, package your talents and skills-sets into a professional profile, and provides an exciting opportunity to become the recruitment target of companies.


  • “Talent UpAfrica is really great. Keep up the good work"

    Tolu University of Lagos
  • “You guys are the best thing to happen to graduate recruitment in Nigeria"

    Shade University of Lagos

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