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Accelerating Recruitment Through a Tech-enabled Solution  

TalentUp Africa uses quizzes and games, all based on specific lessons, to identify candidates’ capabilities, skill sets, and personalities. Through app-based games and quizzes, the selection process becomes quicker and more objective – time equals money, and selection of candidates will no longer be coloured by applicant’s, ethnicity, race, age, gender

Amazing Key Features

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Professional CV

Use our intuitive mobile template to build and download your professional CV in five simple steps

Career Mentor

Get fast access to reliable information on CV Writing, Acing Interviews and Other Coaching Materials

Jobs Board

Real-time job vacancy updates from leading companies

Events Info

Regular updates on company info-sessions and other events happening on your campus


Enhance your candidacy for job applications through sponsored quizzes and stand out


Equip yourself and hone skills with personalized coaching modules

For Candidates

Are you an early career candidate?

We are here to provide you with an amazing opportunity to fast-track your career progression and stand out during the recruitment drives of leading companies. Through our vast network of companies including Multi-National Companies (MNCs), we ensure that your skills and talents are packaged and presented creatively to helpy you land your dream job.

Showcase your talents, skills and potentials by taking quizzes.

Download a professional CV in five easy and simple steps.

Receive unlimited, timely and regular job vacancy updates.

For Companies


TalentUpAfrica uses quizzes and games, all based on specific lessons to identify candidate’s capabilities, skill sets, and personalities.

Through app-based games and quizzes, the selection process becomes quicker and more objective – time equals money, and selection of candidates now becomes efficient, fast and reliable.

Job board
  • We post your open positions on the TalentUpAfrica app job board. We will help you include whatever information you wish – company information, job requirements, salary range, start date, etc.
  • When candidates apply for a job posted on the TalentUpAfrica app, they are required to take quizzes. These quizzes are based on readings – so called lessons – which are also posted on the app. Students' results on these quizzes measure their skill sets within specific areas, uptake of knowledge, persistence, and analytical ability.
  • Based on your company’s hiring needs and based on what skill sets and / or personality type you need, you can choose what lessons and quizzes a candidate should be required to do. You can also choose to include mandatory as well as recommended quizzes. Based on your wishes and needs, you can choose quizzes general to specific areas or include quizzes specially focused on your company.
  • Example of quizzes are:

  • Specific quizzes
  • - If you wish, you could also choose to include quizzes that are specific to your company and your hiring needs. Quizzes can be about your organization, a specific sector, or your company’s company values.
  • - You can make these quizzes yourself, or these quizzes can be developed by or together with the TalentUpAfrica team.
  • Personality
  • - Few managers would say that teamwork is not important. In fact, most leaders spend a good deal of their time worrying about and trying to improve teamwork, as part of the overall drive toward greater efficiency and productivity. We therefore use the FIRO Theory to help candidates increase their self-awareness of how they prefer to interact with other people. Knowing candidates’ preferred interaction behaviour will have a direct impact on your and their success.
Candidates’ Experience
  • Using quizzes as a selection tool makes the selection process more objective – a candidate is selected based on her or his personality type and skill sets, as proven by quizzes – as opposed to selected based on a recruiter reading a resume.
  • In addition, using app-based quizzes and games makes the feedback to applicants quicker and more accurate. Together, this enhances the candidate experience.

TalentUp Africa helps package your talents and skills-sets into a professional profile and provides an exciting opportunity to become the recruitment target of companies


  • “Talent UpAfrica is really great. Keep up the good work"

    Tolu University of Lagos
  • “You guys are the best thing to happen to graduate recruitment in Nigeria"

    Shade University of Lagos

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    Cecilia Värendh MånssonPhD student in firm strategy in African markets at Oxford University and Harvard University: Holds a Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Columbia University and an MBA (distinction) from the University of Oxford. Several years' experience with entrepreneurship and talent recruitment.
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    Godwin NkemakolamEconomist with experience in Investment Banking (TMT) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries. Currently supervising Product Development and Route to Market (RTM) Success
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    Vivian OzigboAn environmentalist and Researcher, enthusiastic about creating a safe and healthy environment for children and other young people. She currently works with FOSE Consulting, which educates (Small and Medium Enterprises ) SMEs & youth on Environment, safety, and Sustainable Development Goals.
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    Oduronbi DamilolaA Visual Designer with the proven ability to combine creative and usability viewpoints in creating user-centered designs. Several years of experience working with both startup and corporate organizations. Skilled in Mobile App Designs & Prototyping, Web Design & Development and Branding.

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