We help you recruit leaders and pre-trained candidates. We offer digitalized, objective, and time-efficient recruitment services to local and international clients in Africa.



Digitalized recruitment services:

TalentUp Africa uses quizzes based on online courses to identify candidate’s capabilities, skill sets, and personalities.  Through app-based quizzes, the selection process becomes quicker, more efficient, reliable, and objective.

Hire a top talent:

Hire a TalentUp Africa Academy leader. The TalentUp Africa team selects Africa’s top talent enrolled at universities, engages these in contact education parallel to their university degrees throughout two years, places them in a summer internship with the ambition to educate Africa’s future leaders.

Hiring Process

The illustration below shows the process that we adopt in getting the top talent that fits your recruitment needs.

identifying hiring needs
Hiring company identifies the hiring needs.

job description
Company provides job description to Talentup Africa.

course identification
Through dialogue with TalentUp Africa representative, company decides what courses a candidate should be required to take to qualify for a position.

job postings
TalentUp Africa posts positions including it’s requirements, on the TalentUp Africa app.

TalentUp Africa will use an algorithm using applicants’ background, course certificates, grades, and results on personality quizzes as selection tool.

shortlisted candidates
TalenupAfrica will provide the hiring company with shortlisted candidates. Based on the hiring company’s need, either TalentUp Africa or the hiring company interviews the candidates.

candidates’ engagement

The TalentUp Africa team reaches out to candidates through several different channels.

These include, but not limited to:

  •   Branding at several different universities in Africa. Branding activities are conducted through a network of ambassadors and branding activities include posting poster, distributing flyers, student group outreach through facebook, whats app, and different mobile phone networks, such as the Lag Mobile network.
  •   Communication with university alumni groups.
  •   Communication with students not studying at universities.
  •   Branding through social media.

Our Team

  • team01
    Cecilia Värendh MånssonPhD student in firm strategy in African markets at Oxford University and Harvard University: Holds a Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Columbia University and an MBA (distinction) from the University of Oxford. Several years' experience with entrepreneurship and talent recruitment.
  • team01
    Godwin NkemakolamEconomist with experience in Investment Banking (TMT) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries. Currently supervising Product Development and Route to Market (RTM) Success
  • team01
    Vivian OzigboAn environmentalist and Researcher, enthusiastic about creating a safe and healthy environment for children and other young people. She currently works with FOSE Consulting, which educates (Small and Medium Enterprises ) SMEs & youth on Environment, safety, and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • team01
    Oduronbi DamilolaA Visual Designer with the proven ability to combine creative and usability viewpoints in creating user-centered designs. Several years of experience working with both startup and corporate organizations. Skilled in Mobile App Designs & Prototyping, Web Design & Development and Branding.

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